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January 25, 2008


Matt Langdon

I love the soccer rule. I know a coach here who tells parents at the start of the season that any one of them that yells out "kick it!" during a game will be told to leave. His don't kick the ball, they dribble, shoot, or pass.

John Powers

I too love the soccer story. I know nothing about sports but was in charge of a school league for elementary schools around the campus. There were two Catholic schools, one predominately Italian Americans, St. Regis and one predominately African Americans, Hill District. The St. Regis kids were all bravado, and really good. But the coach of the Hill District team over the season stressed skills. Skills won out in the end.

Here's a study for liabraians looking to the future of the Google generation:http://www.bl.uk/news/pdf/googlegen.pdf something I take from it is we can't assume young scholars will learn to be facile using technology without teaching them skills.

Laura Deisley

Great to meet you at SLA/EduCon. Story and the transformative power when you can find and tell your own story(ies) to an audience that affirms you--is your community--wow. Love to compare notes as our blogging projects unfold.


Laura Deisley

Great to meet you and chat at EduCon/SLA, fabulous conversation. Love to continue it.

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