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January 23, 2008


Harold Jarche

I see a T-Shirt in the making:

"Will trade coffee for wi-fi"

... and then in a few years, we'll have certified free-trade organic wi-fi ;-)

Cathy Nelson

LOL this is one reason I'm giving up diet mountain dews. In the convenience store they are $1.49. When i was having to have 5 drinks a day (that has recently been curtailed--wow think of all that sodium!) I could not afford this habit. Paying royally for it now. In complete withdrawal, and now I know what DT's are!


Harold -- Great hearing from you again, my friend. I say that you should head to CafePress and make that t-shirt dream a reality.


Cathy -- Years ago, as a true '1st year teacher', I taught English outside of Tokyo, Japan...and quite literally lived on survival wages (in spite of the 'fortunes' other teachers were making with business clients). I gave up everything just to be able to eat one, sometimes two, meals a day...and I can't tell you how many times I just hung out in those day-glow convenience stores late at night just daydreaming about buying a bag of potato chips...let alone the really good stuff. Good luck on the Diet Mtn. Dews, my friend!

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