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January 24, 2008


Fred Bartels

Bribes are when you pay someone to do something they shouldn't do. Incentives are when you pay someone to do something they should do. :-)


Wow. That'd really make me mad if I were getting good grades already. I might, out of either belligerence or greed (maybe a combination of the two), start failing on purpose.

Were I doing poorly already and someone offered me money to sit somewhere- I'd be happy to do it and continue doing poorly while collecting my money. The B bonus stuff might help but I doubt it. That money will put some unique pressures on teachers as well especially when you're dealing with students where that money might really make a difference. Do I give Johnny a B instead of a C because he's trying so hard and needs the money?

It's also interesting to me that they've tied the cash to grades rather than standardized test scores.

I predict a large mess.

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