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March 06, 2008


Andreas Auwärter

Did you give iShowU a try? Beneath it takes your screen (perfect for demonstrations) but you can also record voice. and you can capture system audio.

Andreas from Koblenz

Stephen Downes

The answer is yes - here's an example of an interview with me done by Ulrike Reinhard

Not sure what she used, though.

Andreas Auwärter

Just additional ... tried seconds before in a VC with my daughter to record an ichatav VC. (This works exellent with an free AIM account as well as with an .mac account.

The feature is a bit hidden. And the system asks your communication partner for permission.
((We switched to ichatAV because of the possibility of changing the download and upload speed.))

Using this we got an great result for her digital documentation (BTW she is 20 Month now) - directly saved on HDD.

Best whishes

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