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March 02, 2008



Aye. I watched "the Lives of Others" last night, and thought about it all of today. Reading your post was timely reminder that what is true outside of schools is most often more true within them. A corollary might be that what is "thought about" is not always what is intended, or even taught. One of my greatest learning experiences came as an undergrad as I sat outside a professor's office waiting for some well-deserved critique. Across the hall a seasoned prof was explaining to another why he only took transfers and other "non-trads" as advisees -- he compared them to traditional students. "The kids are walking around here, oblivious, while the non-trads are walking around as if they're catching $50 bills falling from the sky. The other kids are kicking them around like so many leaves." The learning I took from that moment I would stack up against a good number of the coursework I had taken in up to that point.

Laura Deisley

All I can say is "amen." Great post. The film-maker gets it, as do you.

BTW, there is a heck of a lot I think we could learn from those monks...

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