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June 10, 2008



Ahh man I'm so psyched. I can't wait to walk into Mr. Long's room next year and get my Cliff Notes of Tale of Two Cities. No I forgot he's a Web 2.0 guy so he'll just link to the Spark Notes! And then we are going to watch the HBO Bunny's do Apocalypse Now in 3 minutes instead of reading that dumb Heart of Darkness book. The Horror.. Wait do you think he's kidding. I'm so confused I'm just going to go look up SDK in Wikipedia and see if it tells me what happened in the speech and why it was so ground breaking. (Saunters off stage left head down)

A. Mercer

I've done something like that, but in the other direction. I experimented with doing "micro-video" as an into to explaining concepts. Here was a 30 sec number I did to explain maps, and show 2nd graders their "place" in the world: http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=d5a7d90aa7eb49927e1b

I'd like to experiment with this some more next year. I kinda cribbed it from an idea that Hal Davidson had, but he was doing stuff for High School. The considerations on how to structure for the little kiddos are a little different.

For what you've shown, I don't know if it would replace the whole lesson, but it make a marvelous summary/review.

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