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July 09, 2008



It's so fascinating to read your thoughts on Beckett's future in education (one of my girls is just starting school and the other is a bit younger than Beckett). As a teacher, especially elementary, it seems natural to me to be building a network for my kids. I think it will be more challenging as they get older and beyond my area of expertise. Fortunately, my husband is a college professor so the responsibility will fall to him!

All that to say that I feel I learn a lot from your thoughts on such issues.

Christian Long

Jenny: I appreciate the idea that it is "natural" to "be building a network" for your kids due to the age you teach. I agree, although Will (wink, wink) may disagree? (smile)

I'm curious, however, why you say that your husband is the one who will have to absorb the responsibility. Does a college prof has more networking chops than a mom or an elementary teacher? Seems like that 99.9999% of parents would fail at helping their kids network if you had to have a Ph.D. and teach college courses to have such a right.

Learning from you, too, my friend. Thanks!

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