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July 21, 2008


Kate Olson

Oh, don't worry, I'm proud :-) And busy looking it all over before emailing you back!

Just you wait, you'll be self-hosting in no time and ready to tutor the next newbie who comes along, it's just the way this world works. Paying it forward....


I'm just getting around to subscribing to your feed (because I'm tired of playing catch-up after I forget to check here). Where do I go to make sure I don't lose this blog's version of you now?

Christian Long

Sarah -- I'm sticking around here for the infinite future (for better or worse, he smiles).

The new site is merely an umbrella to help organize this blog and many others. Sorry for the confusion.

If you're game, you can find the other blogs (some about education, some about other niches that my radar can't shake) on the new WordPress site I referenced here.

Otherwise, I'll still be posting here at "think:lab", although my focus will change to "classroom" specific topics as of this fall, with far less big-picture ramblings.

(or so I'm hoping)

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