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July 06, 2008


Momma's Tantrum

I think I need this book. Although from the sound of it, she may not be what I need to get on the right track.

Diagramming a sentence. Oh, those were the days weren't they?

That makes me old, doesn't it.

"Hi, my name is Faith and I like to diagram sentences. Where is my Metamucil?"



Christian Long

Clever 'image', Willy. Clever. As in: "no verb in the sentence" clever.

(wink -- the noun form, of course)

(again, no verb. parenthetically, of course)


Momma's Tantrum:

Don't tell anyone, but I actually loved diagramming sentences, both in middle school and high school.

'course, I was born/raised in the 70's, so I'm sure there is some sort of post-Disco, post-leisure suit correlation I can blame for that.

As for whether you need or don't need gothic grammatical aesthetics, consult your inner Frankenstein for the answer.

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