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July 17, 2008



I read Will's post and all of the comments (as of yesterday) and it got me thinking. I hadn't really sorted much out in my head until reading your post. (I don't know if it was timing or your writing...)

Twitter does a couple of things for me.
1. It connects me quickly and informally with people around the world. Blogs do the same, but on a slightly more formal level. Twitter is quick and sweet.
2. It serves as a release for quick comments and interaction with friends and colleagues. In most jobs those interactions would happen as you pass in the hall or chat between cubicles, etc. In teaching we don't get those opportunities during our workday, most of the time. Twitter gives me that.

So, I'm trying to cut back a bit in how many people I follow, but I'm still finding a lot of good in it. That said, I have great respect for those of you who feel differently.

Christian Long

Jenny: Again, the tool is not the issue. For me, however, the relentless need to be in-the-know when the vast majority of input found in Twitter (et al) is limited at best has nudged me over the line. Personally, I'd rather put that energy into my day-to-day colleagues in my school -- not to mention my students -- than to have to keep my Twitter radar up and running 24/7. Both of your points are really solid, and were my own from the beginning. Today, however, I'm seeking more of less, not less of more (if that makes sense).

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