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August 09, 2008



Well, my friend. I find that the idea of "Nouwen’s images reveal schools that create a training ground for the next generation through big, vast, powerful and contemporary building structures." Says it all.
If you want to have a human scale conversation and some real socialization you need architecture that supports those goals.

These buildings look like people factories.

Why do architects continue to design and build schools that could as easily be a u-store-it or a giant freezer.

Schools need to be of a scale that encourages community and collaborative social culture.

Christian Long

Can't argue with you, Ste!!a, much at all.

While I can't argue that reality will allow a school district as large as LAUSD to pull off designing hundreds and hundreds of new/rehabbed "small" schools given the sheer # of kids and campuses that would bankrupt any such effort given today's construction/real estate costs (not even taking into account the really big monster: school/community 'culture' that never really wants to change the way 'school' has always been done), I am of the same mindset of you that human-scaled 'small' school programs are the ideal.

As to why the architects continue to design that way? Easy answer: client expectation, budgets, and the archetype of 'school' that is hard to change (as hinted at above).

Great hearing from you, my friend!

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